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And there is also copying. Nothing she does is original. 

Why I haven’t been posting much about Miley Cyrus Lately.

Hi guys! I know that you may have noticed that i haven’t posted on this blog in a while. When I first started this blog, I loved Miley Cyrus & most of all I loved her fashion (still do).  I grew up on Hannah Montana as a teenager. I even attended her “Best Of Both Worlds Tour”. I always felt like she was talented. We’ve all watched Miley grow up before our eyes. Everyone is entitled to grow up & evolve into there own person. But Lately, it seems to me like Miley is Desperate for attention and wants her music to sell. "TWERKING" has been around for DECADES and i’m not too sure why people think that she invented it & what she is doing is NOT twerking, what she is doing is imitating another culture that she is not apart of. In the black community “Twerking” is something that is done by females & isn’t exactly a positive thing. So please understand why people are outraged at the fact that Miley thinks that it is appropriate for her to do. We all watched her embarrass herself at the MTV Video Music Awards. She wore unflattering clothes and made other celebrities feel uncomfortable. She had black back up dancers as props for her ‘twerking’. Her performance overshadowed alot of great acts that night. Like Macklemore singing about equality, Lady Gaga’s amazing comeback performance & Katy Perry. Her behavior has been despicable lately which has turned me COMPLETELY off. When someone is as talented as her have to pretend to be someone that they’re not in order to promote their album, respect will be lost by the public. Being "ratchet" is not the way. In my opinion, none of this behavior is cute. And while i understand that she does not want to be a role model, she has MILLIONS of fans who are very young. Please understand that this is not hate. I am stating the truth. I do still admire her style & i will continue to update this blog with her fashion. I am just not a fan of hers like I was a few months ago. Please continue to enjoy this blog.

                              Best wishes,